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Diary Guestbook About Love Music Cuties

Sabäne - Culcha Candela/Hamme;Hund am Strand/JungenMädchen;Ohrbooten/An alle Ladys

Benny - Chamillionaire/Hip Hop Police

Fabi - Peter Cincotti/Goodbye Philadelphia

Jul - Ich&Ich/Vom selben Stern

Marschl - Vayamos Companeros

Roman - Mims/This is why I´m hot

Dome - Basshunter/Booten Ana

Mum - Plain White T´s/Hey there Delilah

Dad - Phil Collins

Adam Brody xD - Rooney/When did your heart go missing; Phantom Planet/California

Sabi - Timbaland feat. Fallout Boy/One and only

Australien - Panic @ the disco/I write sins not tragedies

England - The Killers/Somebody told me;Muse/Supermassive Black Hole;3 weiße Tauben

Schullandheim - Afroman/Because I got high

Andi - Linkin Park/Leave out all the rest

Marv - Komm hol das Lasso raus

Luci - Sunrise Avenue/Fairytale gone bad

Flow - Ärzte/Junge

Jan - Monrose/Hot summer

Ali - Simple Plan

Lorenz - Türkisches Gedudel^^

Miro Klose - Fort Minor/Remember the name

Gangsta - Jay Z/Blue Magic

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